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If you struggle with constant asthma problems and medications don't seam to help much there is always airsonett. Airsonett can you give you the needed relief from practically all your asthma symptoms day and night, all without invasive treatment and medications. Airsonett is a device that clears the breathing area of the asthma sufferer, to the point where almost all allergens are removed from the air, which makes for optimal breathing both night and day. Yes, the positive effects carry over well into the following day.

Better safety

All women in the world should have a attack alarm. Life is tuffer today then it was before and therefore we need to protect us better now then we needed before. Therefor its so good that there is new kind of technology that we can use to feel more safe and to be able to be out even though its dark outside and feel safe knowing that we hav a attack alarm on us. So hopefully more women will use it. And I think it should be more adds about what kind of products that are and whats new.


På arbete har vi en städmaskin som rengör våra maskiner som heter clever cleaner. Det är verkligen en smart och smidig produkt. Men jag har också en smart städare hemma. Nämligen mig själv. Jag som alltid har varit en slarver har nu äntligen kommit på en smart städrutin som städar konstant så att jag slipper storstäda. Vilket är det tråkigaste som finns. Men det är klart om jag kunde på hem en liknande maskin för hemmabruk så skulle jag ju inte säga nej. Den saken är helt klar. Snabbt och lätt är mitt motto ju.